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Have you ever met a couple you thought was together forever?

For this engagement session, that was Maria and Caleb! We initially met them a couple of years ago when we traveled downstate to Quincy, IL (from our Palatine studio) to photograph our first wedding! As members of the wedding party, they stood out to us because they radiated like a couple that had been together forever!

When couples have that vibe, they make a lasting impression on us.

Maria & Caleb when we met them | HYPER LENS CO.

Turns out, they remembered us too!

“We both absolutely loved the pictures you got of Josh and Nicole’s wedding and were hoping we could be lucky enough to have you do ours as well”!

Our most popular intimate wedding photography package includes a choice of an engagement session, bridal boudoir, or a day in the life session (great for rehearsal dinners or brunch the morning after-low key, photojournalistic-style)

They decided to go with our engagement session, and since they live a significant distance away, we chose to meet in a town that is halfway for us both. Peoria, Il.

We hadn’t been down there before, so we had some scouting to do. Andrea & I grabbed a rental, drove down for the day, and found a few locations we had loosely googled beforehand. Ultimately, we found Luthy Botanical Garden to be right inside our esthetic wheelhouse. As we walked the grounds enjoying ourselves, we snapped some images of the venue to show them exactly what we were envisioning. Luthy Botanical Garden is approximately five acres and maintains over a dozen themed gardens, a Conservatory, numerous events, a rotating sculpture exhibit, and magnificent floral displays. They also serve as a wedding venue. So they’re no stranger to engagement sessions.

Since they let us know that they loved the outdoors beforehand, they loved the idea. So we finalized our booking process and sent them over our Engagement Ready Guide to help them navigate their next steps for a great engagement session!

Engagement Session | Peoria, IL - Luthy BOtanical Garden | HYPER LENS CO.

We had the best time with Maria & Caleb during their engagement session! We spent the session laughing and exploring what the grounds had to offer. The good vibes during the engagement session were only surpassed by us all hanging out and grabbing lunch afterward. (a tradition I wouldn’t mind doing with all of our couples)

With the “work” of the day out of the way, we got to sit down and learn more about our couple as the great people they are, what makes them tick, and how bright of a future they will have together.
We are SUPER excited to be able to help bottle the inevitable magic that will be their wedding day.

Tom Dahm

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Tom Dahm is a family man and lifelong creative. The great-grandson of celebrated photographer Bernice Kolko, his work in photography moves through every niche to celebrate what it means to be human.

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