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Chances are you do also.

That’s why the latest addition to our service list is offering fine art prints. It’s called The HYPER LENS print gallery, and we built it with one goal in mind: to give more people access to our imagery.

This gallery gives us a space that allows clients, friends, and fellow photographers to buy our photographs as prints and hang them in their homes, offices, or studio spaces- wherever they choose! This is a beautiful way to complete your space’s aesthetic and a thoughtful gift for family members or friends. Sure- our Palatine photo studio is people-focused, but that doesn’t mean we don’t also use photography to express ourselves in other ways.

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception | Peoria Illinois | HYPER LENS CO.
HYPER LENS CO. | The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception | Peoria Illinois

How did this start?

Calder's Flamingo at night in Chicago. | HYPER LENS CO.
HYPER LENS CO. | Calder’s Flamingo | Chicago, Illinois

I’ve always been captivated by environments—striking lines & colors.

Textures, lights, and movement. These things always appealed to me, and when I reflect on how this started, I always come back to these fundamentals. Perceiving things in this manner is what lead me to photography. Creating a composition that leads the eye in the way I receive it is a serious form of magic. It can either reduce or inflate the way one sees the elements in the frame.

In fact, even though I focus more on my portrait work, I still walk around for more than A Minute In Chicago with my camera as much as possible when I have the opportunity.

The fine art prints inside of our new print gallery are for anyone. When we make images, our intent is not to be elitist. We’re not catering to collectors with this gallery, but we’re also not shooting to be super commercially viable. It’s art, and anyone who likes what’s offered- is who it’s for.

the HYPER LENS print gallery montage and initial offering | HYPER LENS CO.

Awesome. So how do I order?

That’s easy. You go here: The HYPER LENS print gallery, and when you’re done, you let us know on Twitter what you picked up.

Tom Dahm

Author Tom Dahm

Tom Dahm is a family man and lifelong creative. The great-grandson of celebrated photographer Bernice Kolko, his work in photography moves through every niche to celebrate what it means to be human.

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