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When we opened up our Palatine photography studio, we needed some new albums. That’s why we were super excited when SAAL Digital gave us one of their Professional Line photobooks to test out. I had come across Saal Digital on social media before but didn’t take advantage of the offer at the time. Their promotion was pretty straightforward, you request a voucher, input the required information, and if you’re approved, you move on to the next step.

2021 05 19 0001 | HYPER LENS CO.


So we got to work on prepping what images we wanted to include in our album, and the process couldn’t have been easier.

We downloaded their free software, installed it, and the rest was nearly plug & play. The ease of use had us a complete photobook within 10 minutes. Yes, seriously.

We opted for something from their Professional line—specifically, a 12×8 XT photobook. We didn’t opt for the incredibly awesome acrylic cover this time, but it is an option you should be aware of. It’s really nice and adds a high-end quality finish for your clients.

Check out this highlight video we put together

2021 05 19 0002 | HYPER LENS CO.


Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect. After uploading our layout, it went right into production, and we had the physical photobook in our hands in a week. I’m a huge fan of fast shipping.

I found it incredible that even though it was a promotional item, there was no branding on it. Usually, you’ll find the manufactures logo or some branding inside or even on the cover. Ultimately, we’re happy to have used their service and happy with the way the photobook came out.

It’s a great piece to have in our studio for clients to look through as makeup is being done, relaxing after a session, or even showing what they could have should we decide to use them as an alternative vendor for our products.

Tom Dahm

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Tom Dahm is a family man and lifelong creative. The great-grandson of celebrated photographer Bernice Kolko, his work in photography moves through every niche to celebrate what it means to be human.

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