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Summertime in the Midwest is a moment.


Here in Northern Illinois, winter seems to last for most of the year, and it can leave you longing for the vibe of Summer. That’s what led us to reminisce about this wedding we photographed in Citizen’s Park in Barrington, Il, over the summer. Our bride reached out to us via our Facebook page, and we were so happy she did!


Dark Backlight Wedding Portrait | Midwest Wedding Photographers

We’ve scoured many websites looking for photographers and have had a hard time finding someone that fits our esthetic.  We’re both covered in tattoos and like a darker esthetic than traditional light and airy wedding photos provide.  So, of course, we swooned when scouring your portfolios.

Due to covid restrictions, they had to make some compromises on their day, which led us to build a custom package that best suits the unique challenges of the time. Then we still had our own challenges.

How do we create the most intimate wedding portraits we can while still “social distancing”? How many people will we have to be mindful of in the venue? What is the policy of the venue during this time?


They thought of everything (of course) and held their wedding ceremony at the lovely

Citizen’s Park in Barrington

A Wedding in Citizen's Park | Barrington, IL


A gorgeous outdoor space with several individual bungalows, picnic shelters, a beautiful natural landscape, and the Citizen’s Park Pepper Family Treehouse! Our couple chose the Jewel Tea Pavillion as their bungalow of choice and it’s a great space. We’re hoping to book here again so we can play with some of the other parts of the park that were out of service at the time. Like said treehouse 😉

Intimate Wedding Photography

They loved our signature style and dug into the entire creative element of what we bring to our photographs. Our couple are such beautiful people with an enormous love for each other. It was an absolute pleasure to create images that fit who they are and what they envision.

This kind of intimate wedding photography session is what we enjoy, and it’s always fantastic to be available for couples looking for something other than what the industry trends are. After all, that’s part of why we try to make ourselves available as much as possible. We want YOU to have options for how you look back at your core memories.

We’d like to thank Katie + Mike for allowing us to be a part of such an intimate wedding, it really was an honor!

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