So what is intimate wedding photography?


For most people, an intimate wedding means a smaller, more intimate gathering. Intimate wedding ceremonies can be a great alternative to the larger-scale event most people think of. Instead of budgeting for a great big day, you can give yourselves (and your guests) a day unlike anything else!

For us, it’s also about bottling the deep-running emotions of the day.

Our promise to you is not only to deliver memories that stand out but also to provide you with a level of service that takes the worry off your shoulders! Do you need hands to hang decorations? We’re game. (no seriously, we’ve done that)

Our Approach

is two fold.

Real Moments

We believe authenticity matters. It’s part of what makes what we do, intimate wedding photography. That’s why aside from group photos with family & friends and dramatic portraits, we stage as little as possible. The vast majority of your day we work more like photojournalists. Capturing real, undirected emotion. The way your story feels. We want you to live inside your day so fully, that when you get the images of your wedding day from us you can say “I didn’t even know you were there”! Part of how we achieve this is by using cameras that can operate in silence. No distracting shutter sound reminding you we’re there.

Creative & Dramatic Portraits

The second half of our work is where we get to create some beautiful and dramatic images that you’ll love. This is usually a welcomed break in the wedding day, as it’s a really great time to have a few moments to yourselves. Our hope for you is that during this time, you let your guard down, relax, and have a great time. There’s no rush here. It’s about you.

This way, you get not only great heirloom quality images but a complete visual story that anchors one of the most special days of your life.

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